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Klub K.I.D. at McMain High School

                  New Orleans

​Our after school program included recording techniques, writing, engineering, publishing and music business. We delivered a commercially viable project which included the high school artists in the picture to the left. 

10 tracks including more than 60 students in various rolls.

2009-01-01 00.02.31.jpg

      Klub K.I.D. in Australia

​This was a multi ethnic endeavor and included participants from every corner of the planet.

It is through cultural exchange and mutual cooperation that we place our trust. 


Klub K.I.D. London England

We reach out to assist youth and adults who seek knowledge, independence and  determination. 

Klub K.I.D. School of The Blind Russia

​Our visit to Russia brought us to many unexpected stops this was one, The School Of The Blind.  There we found highly talented and motivated students who were very excited to SEE us.


Klub K.I.D. Kid Sunday With Bill Summers

​Klub K.I.D. found its original class rooms at the home of Bill Summers. Every Sunday for 15 years young people and their parents congregated for a morning of music and conversation and cook outs.

Parents were required to take the classes with their children free of charges. We had a ball. Kids from every background and ethnicity. 

Bethune Elementary School.jpg

Klub K.I.D. at Bethune Elementary in New Orleans. We will be here for 16 weeks 2018-2019. We will work with the students and produce a audio and video project. They will be mentored by industry professionals and community leaders. We need your donations for this project. Our goal is 9530.00. This will cover materials, visits to studios, equipment, transportation and more.

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